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Item Description

2008 FlexiCam Stealth lll-2030  (installed June 2008)
General Specification:
*2030x3070mm work area (max routing depth 200mm)
*TCP/IP connectivity (remote administration via Internet)
*ATC Spindle 8 KW (10,4 hp), 24000 RPM, ISO-30 (automatic tool change with 8 tool-positions)
*automatic cooling for mill
*dust collector (5 hp)
*touch screen control system
*high pressure vacuum-table 7.5 / 9KW (10 / 12 hp), working surface divided into six customizable zones
*control box up to 10 KW
*PC fully prepared to work with CNC router
*ArtCAM Insignia for work with the CNC router
*3D routing is possible (with additional software)

Condition: perfect working condition, can be inspected under power 

Price 79,990 USD Net   FOB Latavia Europe
CALL TOM for more details 615.469.0188

Detailed Spec Sheet:

FlexiCam Stealth lll-2030
-Work Area 3,080 x 2,040 mm
-3D computerized routing system
-AC servo motors with high precision planetary gear boxes
-Z axis clearance 200 mm
-2 stroke 240 mm
-Maximum speed 1,000 mm's
-Phenolic work surface
-HPGL & GCode compatible
-Network connection via TCP/IP, 10Base2 or 10BaseT
-Remote Administration via Internet (TCP/IP
-ATC Spindle 8 KW (10,4hp), 24,000 RPM, ISO-30
-Eectric fan for cooling
-ceramic bearings
-ATC system with 8 toolpositions, 4 toolholders/collets (ISO-30/ER-32)
-Toolholder and tool sensor mounted to the worktable
-air pressure sensor
-requires dry, clean (<0.1 um), oil free compressed air(>7 bar/100 PSI)
-Automatic dust collector is included
-Dust collector for automatic tool change system
-connects to 120 mm vacuum hose
-the dust collector is required for fulfilling the CE/safety requirements
FlexiCAM Advanced Control System (ACS)
Touch Screen
for FlexiCAM Advanced Conbtrol System (ACS)

Misting/lubricating system, dual hose, automatic on/off
-High pressure air is required

High Prssure Vacuumtable 7.5 /9 KW (10/12hp)
-Phenolic surface with grid, 6 zones, individually valved
-Dry running high pressure vacuum pump 7.5/9KW (10/12hp)
-250 m3/h 147 cfm (50 Hz) or 300 m3/h/177 cfm (60Hz)
-includes dust filter, on/off switch, overload
-Check with local codes and regulations if a wye-delta-starter
is required for running the selected size vacuum pump!

Control box up to 7.5/9 KW (10/12hp)
-includes contactor, circuit breaker, foot switch
-required for CE compliant emergency stop function

Light Barrier
-sender and receiver (4 of each)
-vertical mounting height 200/700 mm
-incl. mode select switch and CE approved safety circuit

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